A superior 3D Printer print head

Our revolutionary print head is unlike anything on the market. We went back to the drawing board and redesigned the product from the bottom up. The result?

 The R3 Printing Print Head prints up to 70% faster and at higher quality than other models.



Liquid Metal Print Bed

Our patented R3 Printing Liquid Metal Print Bed brings a level of  ease and automation to the market unrivaled by other products. Through the use of liquid metal, the R3 Printing Liquid Metal Print Bed allows for seamless removal of prints. The result?

No more prying prints off a hot plate; now it's lift and go!


Inline Filament Dyeing 

Forget the hassle of pausing prints in order to change to a differently-colored filament. Our inline filament dyeing technology allows for colorization on the fly, saving time and labor on 3D prints.


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