Connecting mind and matter.
R3 Printing offers fast and affordable 3D printing/
rapid prototyping/additive manufacturing services.
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3D Printing
From a 3D file to a 3D-printed object you can hold in your hands, we really do bring your ideas to life.
Bypass traditional methods of manufacturing or prototyping that are slow, expensive, and costly to the environment by connecting directly to a 3D printing service like R3 Printing.

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We'll do the math for you, but here's a breakdown:

Our pricing is based primarily on the amount of plastic required to print your object.
We calculate this in cubic centimeters (cm3).
Please note that the amount of plastic required to print isn't equivalent to the 'object volume' output of your design program.
We do not charge for hollow space!
Basic Features
Setup + $7.00 per file
Material Cost + $0.45 per cm³
Optional Features
Colored Plastic + $0.03/cm³
Higher Resolution High + $0.45 per cm³ Ultra + $0.75 per cm³
Rush Order Coming soon!
Shipping Based on speed and destination
Tax and Deductions
Coupon Code Variable
Education Discount - 15%
NY State Sales Tax + 8.875%
Total : $X.XX
When we calculate the price of your order, we will display as itemized cost
breakdown just like this one for your convenience.

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